Patrick Chung went skiing in New Hampshire a little early

Al Bello / Getty Images file
Busted for cocaine Meredith, NH?  Apparently Patriots safety Patrick Chung has a nice private lakeside home there, not anymore buddy.  A little bird told me that there was an incident that tripped his alarm back on June 25th which gives police probable cause to enter the residence regardless.  We really don't know the whole story, but it could be a variety of circumstances that could have happened.  We don't know if he was at the residence at the time or if it was his coke.  It certainly seems like the police were in the home and searched for any disturbance and found the booger sugar.  Seems suspicious to me, I heard Roger Goodell was in Meredith in June.

Lemme tell ya somethin' chief, I live on the New Hampshire border.  I love going there and getting discount tobacco, booze, fireworks etc.  Pretty much anything harmful for you, you can get in New Hampshire, cheap.  I can't tell you anything about the illegal drug trade, legally, but one would assume they would be cheaper as well.  New Hampshire is strange and beautiful at the same time.  You can drive through the mountains, see moose and deer, then go by Three Finger Eddie's fireworks and a mom and pop porn shop.  No lie, I live ten minutes away from a strip mall that has a store each for porn, tattoos, comics, bongs, guns and a hearty breakfast.  Live free or die pally.


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