Tom Brady's kids may retire before he does

AP Photo
Ahh, the number 12.  Andrew Luck, Tom Brady both wear it.  Tom Brady was also 12 years old when Andrew Luck was born.  The average amount of teeth Indianapolis Colts fans have left in their stupid heads.  Can you believe this BS?  Imagine actually booing a man who spent his whole, albeit short career for the same team.  Went to battle for you on Sundays, gave up his body and now needs to retire because of selfish reasons, like wanting to be able to walk.  Classless, toothless buffoons.  Someone please do a study on the amount of sugar consumed in Indiana, bet they lead the nation.  Fat, whistle gap toothed bastards.  They got the rules changed in the early 2000's for defensive backs because we kept kicking Peyton Manning's ass.  Their owner is a pill popping, crater face hippy.  Oh, and they are the reason that deflategate started.  I hate the Colts with a passion that some may describe as obsession.  IRREGARDLESS GUY!!

Now Andrew Luck seems like a good dude, went to Stanford, I'm sure he'll do alright.  From all accounts I've seen, he really is a nice guy.  As previously written, sucks when you're that young and your body is telling you it's time to hang it up.  You reach a point when your mind is telling your body to do things it just can't anymore.  As much as I hate the Colts, I don't hate Andrew Luck, best wishes my guy.  Now on the other hand, I have been waiting, very patiently for the following scenario.  Tim Tebow, motel room, hookers, cocaine, sting, busted.  Does that make me a bad person?  Probably.  Do I care?  Kind of.  I know there' something wrong with me, at least I can admit it, but I will tell you something I would never do, boo a man who retires from the NFL after he played his ass off for my team.  Hear that Colts mutants?  You are way worse than me.


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