Big game James Develin on IR, my heart aches

AP Photo/Charles Krupa
The fullback, an underrated position and often forgotten.  Those who do it don't want the spotlight, but the fight and hard work it brings.  James Develin's talents never went unnoticed by this guy.  That's right, your uncle TC was also a fullback, hell I still am one dammit.  We live for the grit, not the glory.  My idol growing up was Tom Rathman of the 49'ers.  I wore #44 because of him.  While turds my age were running around in their Emmitt Smith jerseys, mother TC special ordered a Tom Rathman jersey for her pride and joy.  I would say to idiots who asked whose jersey it was, "you bout to find out sucka"  then blast them into the wall.  We are all the Juggernaut, we are one, and when one of us falls, another may rise.  Enter Jakob (Yakob) Johnson, German fella.  While he will be asked to fill a very large void, he is not James Develin, no offense.

I will be keeping a keen eye on Johnson, as well as checking in with Develin, although he may not answer me all the time, or never, I will be inquiring on his well being.  I will be hanging my Rathman jersey at half mast, along with my New England semi-pro jersey (humble brag).  I will not rest well, until MY fullback brother is healed.  We are......the Juggernaut.


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