Bill Belichick has a bear skin rug, it's actually alive just too scared to move

via CBS
Are we really doing this again?????  The man has a social anxiety disorder or something.  He's not personable, can't hold a conversation, rude, unprofessional.....or is he?  Is he Chuck Norris?  The man has performed this way since he started coaching.  He's not a rah rah rah guy.  He could care less about your stupid questions and it's not like Dana Jacobson didn't know.  She phrased the question with as much poise and professionalism as a reporter can do.  He just ain't gonna answer Jack.  It seems like everyone outside of the great states of New England cares way too much.  I get that, they need to try to find their reason for hating the Patriots THIS year.  Dana Jacobson didn't even care, know why?  She's a professional!

The man is not gonna change, sorry NY Post.  Keep doing those creative, eye catching, witty headlines that poke fun at Boston sports teams.  I never thought I'd see the day that New Yorkers would be jealous of Boston sports, but that day has come, and it's been that day for a long time and the sun ain't settin anytime soon Bruce.  So, about that Antonio Brown thing.......we're on to Buffalo.


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