Dumbass Giants fan threatens mass shooting at Gillette

Yes stupid, you made the headlines.  For anyone who has a loved one that goes to school, which would be everyone I hope, this type of threat, even in jest, is inexcusable.  In the times we live in, these types of things really happen.  I won't get political or get on a soapbox, but you just can't post something like that, in your teens, in your twenties, in your thirties or even at the age of 44, which Tobias Gray is, 44.  I saw this on the local news last night and snickered when I heard him say to the camera, "you trying to make me a villain."  Well, yeah, dipshit!  Tobias Gray, 44, of East Providence made the post on Facebook after hearing about the Antonio Brown deal to the Patriots.  That's not an anonymous phone call, that's the most used social media site in the freakin world, with your name right above the post, for everyone to see, dope.

As passionate a fan as I am, I would never threaten to shoot anyone nor would I excuse anyone that does.  That's the problem with social media these days, everyone is a keyboard tough guy.  If you are as quick witted as TC, you can handle yourself just fine on Twitter (@tc1three) just fine by making people who come at you look stupid, or laugh at yourself when they do it to you.  It's not the real world, until you threaten to shoot up a stadium.  In the real world, real things happen, like mass shootings.  Let me break it down for ya: 

Twitter tough guy - Man, I hate the Patriots, they cheat.
TC's retort - Hey douche bag, put on some pants that fit, shave, maybe get a real job, then you wouldn't be so angry at the world because you're such a failure at life.  You know that craft beer doesn't taste good, so stop trying to pretend it does.
TTG retort - TC, you're right, I did.  Have an interview tomorrow!  I hope I can be as handsome as you some day, lol, jk, I know that's not possible, lmao, smiley face.

Another problem solved by your uncle TC.  Tobias Gray, 44, of East Providence, a problem solved by law enforcement.  Bruh, you really rockin fan gear at your court appearance?  Guy really is an idiot.


You dumb bastard, it's not a schooner, it's a sailboat.  Follow me on Twitter @tc1three