Gronk wants a rubdown from Tom Brady

Richard Shotwell/Associated Press
Who doesn't?  I'd do just about anything for Tom Brady as it stands now, felonies included.  Add in a rubdown from that handsome bastard, just lock me up, cuz somethin happened.  Now, Gronk was joking on Adam Schefter's podcast that he'll be doing Brady's treatment and all it would take is Tom himself rubbing Gronk's CBDMedic on him to get him back.  He's just plugging his product while being goofy. Truth is, he just doesn't have the passion mentally anymore, but he could easily get back into game shape if it came back.  Well slap me in the face and call me a bad boy, but I think that passion just may creep into the old smokestack on Gronk's shoulders before the season ends.

I get just not wanting to practice and showing up for games, but you can bet you sweet ass that Belichick ain't having that.  For instance, there's a place up the street from me, chicken wings are to die for, but they don't deliver.  It really takes passion to get off my fat ass and walk up there, especially on Sundays.  We'll see what happens on week 1, I know you're all wondering if I will have those wings, me too, stay tuned.


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