Patriot Performers of the Game (Week 1)

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(Boston Globe)

Your New England Patriots STEAMROLLED the Pittsburgh Steelers tonight with a final score of 33-3. 

This game was over from the beginning. The Pats looked elite on both sides of the ball. There was numerous highlight plays from drive number one, but here are the standout performers.

Thomas Edward Patrick Brady Jr.
Tom picked up right where he left off and continued to amaze us in his 20th season. Not like we would expect anything else. He posted a line of 341 yards and 3 TDs on 24/36 passing. Still elite at age 42. The Dolphins should honestly just forfeit next week's game already.

Phillip Dorsett
PD-13 had the best day out of this stacked receiving corps. He hauled in 4 passes for 95 yards and 2 phenomenal deep ball touchdowns. The crazy thing is, this guy is going to be fourth or fifth on our depth chart when AB and DT are back in the lineup. That's honestly laughable.

Josh Gordon
Man, oh man was it good to see Flash back in action. No matter how long this guy sits out, how many games he misses, every time he comes back he doesn't look like he missed a beat. Brady connected with Gordon for the first touchdown of the season, and I honestly wouldn't want it any other way. A simple drag route ended up in Gordon literally dragging two Steeler defenders latched at his ankles into the endzone for six. He also held onto a ball that Tom let fly late in the third quarter into triple coverage and absolutely ate a monster hit from a Steeler safety. So happy to have Josh back, and here's to his clean and sober future. 

One last takeaway from the game. The Pats need to find a new center. Karras held his own blocking tonight, but oh my god he can't snap the ball well consistently for shit. 

Check back next Sunday for the recap on the Pats vs Dolphins game. And say your prayers for Miami, they'll need 'em.

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