Report: NFL won't investigate Antonio Brown drama that led him to the Patriots

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Whether the football world likes it or not (spoiler alert: most of them don't), Antonio Brown is now a Patriot. 

With that comes conspiracy theories from the millions of Pats detractors around the globe. Bill Belichick orchestrated the whole thing, The organization tampered, etc., are all things I've seen floated out there. 

Unfortunately for those people, the NFL doesn't seem to much care. The league won't investigate the drama that ultimately led the star wide out to New England. Somewhere, Tony Dungy, Mike Greenberg, Max Kellerman and 95% of the United States are all sitting in a room together crying over this right now. 

Even people who don't follow football probably know what happened by now - Brown whined about his foot, was in and out of practice, then whined about helmets, didn't show up, found a helmet, showed up, argued with Mike Mayock, got a bunch of fines, posted a video of him talking on the phone with Jon Gruden, then posted a reaction video of him getting cut by the Raiders then signed with the Patriots five minutes later because why the hell wouldn't he do that?

Typical day in the NFL. 

This is a Hall of Fame-level heel move by the Pats, and I'm all for it. Playing the villain just keeps getting better and better. 

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