Tom Brady offers his house to Antonio Brown


The Patriots made quite the news splash with the signing of Antonio Brown this weekend, and it seems that a lot of his new teammates are excited about his arrival. So much so, that according to Brown's agent Drew Rosenhaus, Tom Brady has reportedly offered a room at his house to Brown while he gets himself settled in New England.

Before Sunday nights blowout over the Steelers, NBC Sunday Night Football host Al Michaels talked about a conversation he had with Robert Kraft, which revealed just how excited Brady was.

Michaels: “[Patriots owner Robert Kraft] also told me when he broke the news to Tom Brady yesterday, Brady initially said ‘I’m 100 percent in.’ Two minutes later, Tom came back and said to Kraft ‘I’m 1,000 percent in.’ Then he came back two minutes later and said ‘I’m a million percent in.’"

Offering your house and being a million percent in on someone usually means that you're pretty excited about the guy, so we'll see that translate on the football field over the coming weeks.

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