Ring Envy - What Dolphins Fans Said - 9/15

What can we say about the Dolphins that hasn't already been said? They may literally be the worst football team I've ever watched...worse than the 0-16 Detroit Lions or the 0-16 Browns. How is a football team that bad even allowed to exist? This one is really short because Dolphins fans know their team is terrible and probably have better things to do with their Sundays than watch this crap.

Zen moment of the day - If you cheat against a team that's tanking is it still cheating or is it charity?

I want to see Josh Rosen and Josh Rosen only.

Feel like this is going to be an ugly one... NE 56 - Mia 10.

Bah, who says we're not going to win? This is a huge day for Flores since we have a secondary and that's why we lost last week. I don't care as much about a win or a loss as much as seeing us defending passes and actually getting a little pressure. Brady can't have 7 seconds to throw like Jackson did....any QB will destroy you like that.

Not a promising start. Waste of the classic uniforms too.

Not looking good at all...

Last week Miami was down by 14. Improvement!

Boys against men.

Not only not good.Looks kinda bad.

I Hope we don't get torched with the Brady/ AB combo all afternoon.

An odd call from the Patriots on 3rd and 5... get the feeling they’re experimenting with different things and treating this game as a winnable preseason game

New England is on cruise control for this game, so if the offense can get some points or a couple big plays on defense or special teams? Miami could steal a win. I'd give it a 10% chance of happening.

Parker will never fulfill his potential. Follow that up with a shanked punt. The little mistakes we have seen year after year. This coaching staff has not changed anything so far.

I think we see an interception this game, and I mean on the Pats.

Miami’s D will tire. Playing right into Bilicheat’s playbook. They get the ball back to start the 2nd half.

Pretty obvious the pats are just taking it easy this game knowing it’s a guaranteed victory. Draining the clock and applying little effort in doing so.

Even when Miami sucks they have to cheat. CLEAR push off by Brown on the TD.

We're going to have to try on some of these 4th downs.

Adam Gase 2.0. Run up the middle on 3 and 7. No wonder why the team doesnt respect you.

Well that 1st half was....... Nothing

Please get this fuxking guy Fitzpatrick out of the game.

I'm tired of watching them send a three man rush and giving Brady time to throw. That's bad coaching.

A 10pt lead would be too much for this Miami team to deal with. They must be in danger of setting more bad records this week, for least yards gained and average points scored. Pathetic, as this game is in many ways just as bad as the Ravens loss.

Just so I'm clear, some of you are telling me that Flores had this team ready to play? To compete? That the defense came ready to play? That there was a solid offensive plan in place?

Well think that’s it for me. Really hard to watch when you can’t even gleam progression from younger players. Decent effort defensively but I really don’t know why Ryan Fitzpatrick is taking any snaps for an nfl team at this point in his career.

Why aren't they playing Rosen I don't understand, Fitzpatrick is baad. Rosen can't be much worse. Traded 2nd round pick for nothing... Grier fired.

The announcers said that the yards allowed by NE in the first 3 quarters was the lowest EVER for Belichick.

37-0 with 2 pick 6's.

So what’s Fitzpatrick’s QBR?

Losing by 40 is an improvement over 49. I'll give you that.

Pats decided to pour it on.

Man I thought just being a Fins fan was bottom of the barrel, I didn't realize we could go under the barrel. This season is BALLS. Only 14 more games to go...

Announcers said we're 3rd worst all time in point differential through 1st 2 games. So we're not the worst ever at least.

You know it's bad when OJ makes fun of the Dolphins...lmao

Don't worry- Ross said we're not tanking! Maybe we only lose the next one by 36-0!

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