Somebody call a wahmbulance, Micah Hyde's feelings hurt

Listen, I'm not defending the Jonathan Jones hit on Josh Allen.  Was it dirty?  No.  It's a shame is what it is.  I haven't broken it down like the Zapruder film as I'm sure ESPN is probably doing right now.  Jones led with his shoulder, Allen didn't slide, their heads collided, he was penalized, get over it.  To keep bringing up that Brady gets special treatment is beyond belief.  The man (mythical creature) was investigated for and subsequently suspended for more probable than not tampering with AIR PRESSURE IN THE GOD DAMN FOOTBALLS.  Had that ever happened before?  No.  The NFL has been trying to stop Brady and the Patriots for years now, unsuccessfully.

Back in the 2003 AFC Championship, the Patriots secondary basically kicked the poo out of the Colts receivers.  Peyton Manning, an ESPN favorite, and the Colts organization got the rules changed that receivers were now untouchable.  Seeing that goofy lookin bastard with his arms up, trying to figure out how he still couldn't beat the Patriots still gets me to sleep every night.  Also, Manning "allegedly" received HGH, and acted inappropriately with a college trainer, but, has a goofy bastard segment on, you guessed it, ESPN.  Every time I see that mouth breather I think of Smokey and the Bandit.  Jackie Gleason's goofy son.  Okay, I got off track.  Micah Hyde, shut up.  You play in Buffalo, the wasteland of the NFL, although I love Bills fans.  Good people.  My sister-in-law is from there, she and her family, great people.  Micah, think of the fans, the great people of Buffalo.  Take personal responsibility for losing.  I hate to do this, but what a millennial move.  Go put on your skinny jeans and think you look good.


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