Pats Fans Overreact to Stefon Diggs' Tweet

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About 18 hours ago, Minnesota Viking star wide receiver tweeted out a single emoji. People who have seen the tweet are believing it is some kind of cryptic message.
Take what you want from this, but it literally means nothing. Athletes have done it all the time as a joke.

Now, it is true that Diggs has been underused and upset with the way his team's offense has been functioning and how the game plan has virtually excluded him through four weeks.

Shit like this happens all the time though with Patriot fans. A star player is unhappy or requests a trade, and everyone thinks the Patriots are going to swoop in and swindle the team in exchange for a seventh round pick five years from now.

Don't get your hopes up. It's not happening, nor would I really want it to happen, to be honest. Inherit a 5 year $81 million dollar contract for a guy who would be our WR3? Pass.

But for the sake of Diggs' fantasy owners, I do hope he ends up elsewhere.

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