Werewolves sighted in Foxboro, bring silver bullets!

Yes, I was there
Sit down around the campfire kids, your uncle TC is gonna tell you a story.  Ahh, 2002, young TC was a handsome, optimistic lad with the whole world ahead of him.  He was also dumb as a box of rocks, but that's besides the point.  A group of us got together and got tickets for this historic first ever game in Gillette Stadium.  Some scumbag I worked with at the time got the tickets from his "buddy."  I paid $300 I think, something like that, only to find out he was pocketing the "up charge."  Irregardless guy, he later went on to an epic downward spiral, fun to watch actually.  A girl that came with us, Italian bird, made us meatballs in the shape of footballs, mootballs, friggin awesome.  The reason I was willing to pay that much, with such shitty seats was the idea that I would never see anything like it again.  Yeah bruh, way wrong.

The festivities in the newly paved parking lot was so surreal, there was an actual parking lot...paved, not dirt.  We found the X that marked the spot where Adam Vinatieri kicked the field goal in the Snow Bowl.  We were hunting werewolves all evening just like Stone Cold Steve Austin, hell yeah.  The Coors light was flowing like, well, the rockies I suppose.  Once we got into the stadium, it was time for Mr Kraft to give a speech.  Lemme tell ya chief, it appeared he was hunting werewolves as well, much earlier start too.  Jonathan ripped the mic away and thanked the fans for the support, yadda yadda yadda, then it happened.  Seeing that banner revealed was the closest to heaven I've ever been.  World Champs, finally.  We celebrated with more silver bullets and plenty of other ammo.  Pats won, 30-14.  We were also introduced to rookie, Deion Branch, who absolutely buried famously dirty Lee Flowers on a kickoff.  Think about how many kids, around 17 or 18 are named Brady.  

Now an older, wiser TC would much rather watch the game on TV, at home.  Now, I haven't lost a step at all, it's just that Mrs TC is too embarrassed to be seen with me in public while I watch a game.  Things get said, get thrown, yadda yadda yadda, my arm's broke.  Moral of the story, enjoy what we are witnessing.  As Pony Boy said in The Outsiders, "nothing gold can stay."  Damn right C Thomas Howell.  Experience it with your friends, siblings, parents or children, just experience it.  That's who we are, passionate, proud, sometimes stupid, but always loyal.  Fellas, no matter how old you get, you will still laugh at dick and fart jokes.  LFG!!!!!!!!!!

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