Mohamed Sanu thought Matthew Slater was the IT guy, JK, he was fired up to play another game after his post-game speech

Matthew J. Lee
Matthew Slater looks like he would be the perfect IT person at you average tech company, but he's a world class athlete for your New England Patriots.  Slater has made it a habit to give the post-game talk up and finish with how does it feel to be (any number)-0.  Fires me right up I tell ya.  Sanu has already fit in it seems, also putting in the extra work to get caught up with the offense.  He was surprised at the intensity in the locker room after a win and couldn't believe that Slater does this every game.  It must be a culture shock coming from the Atlanta Falcons, a franchise that seems to have been broken by the Patriots, after the greatest comeback in Super Bowl history.  28-3 y'all.

Sanu is exactly what we need right now, especially since the failed Antonio Brown experiment and the heartbreaking loss of Josh Gordon.  I hope and think he's gonna fit in well, a downfield threat much needed.  We need to relieve Julian Edelman of doing everything.  So, getcha popcorn ready, cuz Sanu is just getting started, and the Patriots keep getting better.


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