Patriots had Sam Darnold seeing dead people last night, and it was his own team

Kyle Van Noy could not believe Sam Darnold was caught on a hot mic saying he was seeing ghosts during the game last night.  They already call themselves the boogeymen, this just really added fuel to a bonfire.  I always say I hate late game because, well I do.  TC likes his downtime, and night night is special.  Last night I was giving myself til the half, go to bed, listen on my headphones as I fell asleep.  Ahhhhh, that's a big nope.  I simply could not stop watching the defense carve up the Jets like a pumpkin.  It was such a masterpiece, I almost cried, alright I may have, what of it.

Van Noy heard the news and was like, "he did?"  Went on to the next question, interrupted and went back and asked again.  You can't make this stuff up.  Darnold went 11-for-32, with 86 yards and 4, FOUR picks and a lost fumble.  Quite possibly the worst performance of all time.  This defense may go on to be the best all time as they are already ahead of the '85 Bears and '00 Ravens.  Scary stuff indeed.  The Browns are so screwed.  Patrick Swayze ruled man, RIP.


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