Patriots played a home game FedEx field

AP Photo
Legend has it that Tom Brady played the first quarter yesterday with somebody's contact lenses in, just as a goof, to make things even between the Patriots and the Redskins.  I cannot confirm this at time of publication, just thought I'd throw it out there.  Now, you know how I feel about supporting your team, no matter what.  I won't preach to you about sitting on the cold AF aluminum seats of the old Shaeffer/Sullivan/Foxboro stadium.  I believe it gives you character, builds your brand and makes you a better human.  You can be humbled by defeat, then rise up to the heavens with victory.  Overall, you take pride in where you come from and the teams that represent that.  I have no contacts from DC I'm on speaking terms with, so I can't speak to anyone in particular, but you allow another teams fans overtake your stadium?  Shame on you.  You could tell from the start it was overwhelmingly Patriots fans in the stadium.

You see it when the Sox play the Orioles a lot, but I have never really seen it in the NFL.  No matter what the record is in football, any given Sunday is a saying for a reason.  You could have been there, it was YOUR Super Bowl Washington, and ya missed it.  You also got your ass handed to you, but that's besides the point.  I mean, really, look at this:
Sad, especially since the Redskins were a once top organization, won Super Bowls.  Joe Theismann, John Riggins, Doug Williams, Dexter Manley, Sean Taylor (RIP).  These friggin guys left it all out on the field for you and you lost your home stadium, just sad.  Being a thorough journalist, I looked up ticket prices for upcoming games, maybe thinking they were absurdly expensive, not one at first glance was over double digits.  No excuse.  Before Bills mafia, there was The Dead Tree Crew out of DC.  They were maybe crazier, but before cell phones so you never saw it.  These dudes need to come out of retirement, show the young bucks how to do stupid things that may hurt or land you in jail.  Be fan dammit.


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