Elandon Roberts at fullback is only natural because he likes to hit people

Jim Rogash/Getty Images
Let me be the first to welcome Elandon Roberts into the Juggernaut fullback community.  Roberts, a Patriots team captain, is moonlighting at fullback while James Develin and Jakob Johnson are on IR.  Just like Troy Brown did a few years back when he filled in at defensive back, Roberts joins an elite team of company by playing in every aspect of the game, offense, defense, special teams and the coin toss.  If you are a team captain on the Patriots, you not only drink the Kool-Aid, you're making it.  I love to see well respected guys of the game get their due props and I bet Develin is damn proud the way Roberts has picked up the torch.  All us fullback brethren salute you Elandon Roberts, we are the Juggernaut.  As far as James Develin, I have offered several times to make and bring him a homemade sandwich, but have not heard back yet, I'll keep you posted.

One of the coolest things about Massachusetts is the Thanksgiving football games played by rival High Schools.  It is an old tradition that many of you all have been a part of, from the half day of school the day before pep rally to being a part of the game itself.  I keep an eye out for my alma mater to see how the boys do each year, but it's amplified by attending the Thanksgiving Day game.  Seeing old friends, foes, coaches and hoes, the tradition is the best part of it.  The kids playing know they are on a larger stage and want to perform.  To all of you, Happy Thanksgiving and may your team play with clear eyes and full hearts.  Reach out to Sully, he's been waiting to hear from you for awhile.


Let's go Clippers!
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