How did the Patriots get over Super Bowl LII loss? THEY WON THE NEXT FRIGGIN ONE

Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images
I already wrote about this earlier in the week, but it still intrigues me.  It's like dangling the worm in the water, Ima gonna bite guy.  While the Eagles and their fans are still celebrating Super Bowl LII victory, they haven't realized, the rest of the NFL and the world moved on.  The Patriots got over the hangover very quickly....they won the next one.  They cut a player who thinks the same way we all see it, Orlando Scandrick.  He claims the incompetence from the Eagles resonates due to the fact that they haven't moved on from the victory.  It's obvious, they lost their minds, traded the MVP from said victory Nick Foles, out for the season, thoughts and prayers.

I guess it both chaps my ass and makes me giggle that national sports outlets are calling this a rematch.  It ain't no rematch Bruce, not in November.  ESPN has really become a parody of itself.  The once promising franchise has become the tabloid of sports reporting.  They cover LeBron James, high school basketball players, and Tim friggin Tebow still.  They are just lickin their chops, waiting for a Patriots scandal, that's kind of what they do.  The Houston Astros cheating scandal has gotten minimal coverage on that trash network.  Can you imagine if they got their facts straight and waited to report with integrity on deflategate?  But they are being mum on the Astros?  Frauds, Sal Pal would be on his 5th bowl of chowder in 3 days, staying at a Marriot on route 1 with 30 minute updates if there was a whisper of something amiss in New England, FOH.  I was in a good mood too, look what happened, Mrs TC is gonna be pissed cause I'm pissed now.  See what ya did?


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