Jamie Collins out here casually doing back flips at practice


We all knew Jamie Collins was quite the athlete whether it be from setting combine records with the long jump or walking on his hands at practice, but he has just broken some new ground.

Collins was caught doing a very nonchalant back flip at the media session during practice, not to mention that he was completely padded.

I can't imagine the coaches are as amused by this as me, but its pretty impressive I must say. One of Collins' best buds on the team in Dont'a Hightower recounts the time he saw Collins go full send on a flip a few years back.

“There was a backflip down the hill,” he said. “I think the first time was in 2013 or 2014, we just finished practice and he did a backflip going down the hill in full gear leaving practice. Just talking nonchalant like, ‘I’ll do a backflip right now,’ and then turned around and did it going down the hill.”

Collins has been a significant centerpiece of the leagues best defense, so if doing casual back flips at practice keeps him going, I'm all for it.

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