Vich, please! Chase Winovich makes Rob Ninkovich proud he's reppin the 50 stitch

Steve Mitchell/USA TODAY Sports Images
We've got a vichuation!  I love the intensity of Chase Winovich, even on special teams.  You can see that beautiful blonde mane from the nosebleeds.  Bill Belichick has a knack for plucking the type of hybrid player Winovich is, ie: Rob Ninkovich, Mike Vrabel, Willie McGinest and Jamie Collins to name a few.  They all seem to have that fire and determination to make a play, some took longer than others, but still, the intensity is there.  Winovich has watched film on both previous number 50's, Vrabel and Ninkovich to prepare himself for what is to come.  With limited snaps so far, he's accumulated 4.5 sacks, not too shabby.  Many of you will ask, which vich would snitch on the other vich for eating a sandwich?  I guarantee none of you asked that, just wanted to put that in there, took me like an hour to come up with.

Winovich has certainly spoken to Ninkovich on style and generally how to get better and see more snaps.  I love the family atmosphere that takes place in New England.  It is unlike any other, obviously.  The kid is sounding like a Patriot already in his early days, love it.  He just wants to be on the field and making the big play when he is.  He's got some work to put in before he's up on the same level of Ninkovich, but as a rookie he's on a good pace to be sooner rather than later.  


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