X's and O's: Patriots at Ravens

Eric Misotti/ SB NATION

This week the Patriots play the Ravens. The Ravens are a good football team. So far the Patriots haven't lost a game and I really don't think that changes tonight. The Pats are currently 8-0 and the Ravens are 5-2. The Pats defense looks ridiculously good still. I truly believe that Stephon Gilmore is the most impressive cornerback that I've ever seen.

The Ravens Defense runs both a 3-4 and a 4-3 base front. As far as their secondary goes, they primarily run nickel packages. Nickel and dime packages are interesting because they add extra defensive backs so it will make it harder for the Pats to pass but we all know though that Brady will check to a Sony Michel run.

The Patriots have options when the Ravens are in a nickel defense. The first option they have, and I already said it, is to check to a run play. At this point get your linemen to the second level and have them block linebackers and defensive backs. Secondly I think that James White is gonna have a huge day. He's gonna have linebackers on him.

I think that the Pats win this one. I think the score will be 31-17. I think Lamar Jackson has a decent day but also will have 3 turnovers. Two picks and one fumble. I think Sony Michel will run for 100+ yards. Michel will score twice. Mohamed Sanu will get his first touchdown on the Pats. Edelman will score too.

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