Zach Ertz feelings ert when he doesn't get the ball, makes Stephon a Happy Gilmore

Happy Gilmore
My favorite Happy Gilmore is Adam Sandler, however a close second is Stephon.  How have we not started calling him Happy Gilmore yet?  Well, I'm taking the credit, he is now, Happy Gilmore.  Gilmore knew that by keeping Ertz away from making plays would seriously disrupt his ability to remain a factor in Sunday's game.  He viewed film of Ertz getting visibly shaken when he could not make a play, crying to the refs.  

The biggest story of the game was the complete dominance of the Patriots defense in the second half.  The Eagles looked like the band the Eagles, on a football field, with musical instruments trying to play football.  I'm very pleased that they came back into form.  I know I was AWOL during the week after the Baltimore game, but like Ertz, I cry, when the Patriots lose and need a media blackout to get over it.  What are you gonna do about it Sully?


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