Antonio Brown coming back to the Patriots is making more sense because it doesn't make sense

Image via Getty/David Santiago
If there's one thing I've learned about the NFL throughout my tenure as a fan is that the more things look like they are normal, the more that they will change.  The one constant of course is the Patriots being in Super Bowl contention every year.  This is the first time however that a 10-2 Patriots team is being written off, not only nationally, but locally.  Today I'm hearing that the holy apostle himself, Tom Brady is for certain not returning next year.  Just what the hell is going on around here, Chief?  This is why I now think the Patriots are going to drop some sort of bomb on us.  It's time, we are beaten and bruised, getting a standing 8 count.  The fight has just about been called......but, it's not over.  Antonio Brown certainly hasn't been shy about wanting to come back.  Funny how the media circus has left town on him, but I just have this funny feeling that this might actually happen.  I can't tell you how or why, it's just an intuition.

Ryan Clark, you dick.  You bring up the point that the Patriots may make the move by tomorrow, but need to insert the standard ESPN dagger and call the Patriots cheaters.  I won't focus on that, but bringing AB back here would be the perfect, anti-ESPN/NFL move and would be classic Patriots.  It's no secret that Brady is pissed off at the lack of offensive performance and this would be like taking a football Viagra.  I'm not saying this is going to happen, again, I just have a feeling and can not confirm with my sources.  I say what the hell Murph, let's do it.


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