Jerome Boger's crew had to be on the take with that performance

Jerome Boger's crew
I hope Boger's crew had knee pads on yesterday, because they blew the shit out of that game.  I hear they are all sporting Rolex's after that.  I know I'm biased, I get it, and the Patriots have certainly been on the receiving end of some controversial calls, but Jimmy, c'mon.  In one drive, the Patriots were stripped of a touchdown twice, one where Gilmore scooped the fumble and would have obviously scored and the next being the Harry TD.  There is no way you can convince me Geno that those refs just flat out did not want the Patriots to score a TD, no way Vido, no way.  These guys were so on the take it couldn't be more obvious.  This is like Henry Hill in the BC point shaving scandal level and I do not see the outrage.  Where is the outrage?  Boger flew off in a private jet for Christ sake.

The worst part about yesterday was knowing that a drunk, dopey hillbilly named Richard Christy thought he won the Super Bowl.  Richard is from the Howard Stern show, he licks balls and taints.  He is actually really funny, but he is also one of the best drummers in the world, but loves what he does on the Stern show like so many of us.  Richard is not a real fan however.  He cheered for the Eagles when they won and even went to the parade because his wife is an Eagles fan.  Sorry bub, you either are or you aren't with football fandom.  As far as I'm concerned, you pledged allegiance to the Eagles by going to the parade.  Are you just going to be the biggest fan of anyone who plays the Patriots in the Super Bowl?  Probably, that's what the rest of the country does.  I get it, everyone hates us.  You all wish your team was the Patriots.  But, never celebrate before the Patriots are dead, it will bite you in the ass, well maybe not yours since you don't shower.

R.I.P Pete Frates, now you can lace up those spikes and swing the bat.


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