Kyle Van Noy not happy with getting booed. Buddy, it was the refs

AP Photo/Paul Sancya
Kyle Van Noy voiced his frustration at how he thought the fans booing the team at the half of Sunday's game against the Chiefs was disrespectful.  Look, my guy was just nominated as a Walter Payton NFL Man of the Year, I ain't gonna throw shade.  Quite honestly, I wouldn't regardless.  Van Noy has become a model player for this franchise and he's a hell of model citizen in general with all the charity he does.  I have nothing to really say about it but I can only try to justify it.

We are a spoiled fan base in general.  Add in the greatest football franchise of all time, it's crazy to think, but the Patriots are the model for the rest of the NFL.  I guess we always expect to win now and get frustrated when we see a great team get beat on the field.  I know I'm pussyfooting around this, but really, what the hell can we be mad at?  We have 6 Super Bowls, in less than 20 years, and have gone to 9.  Throw that little stat together, you guessed it, 6-9, everyone's happy.  Now I was yelling so loud at my TV, but it was the refs guy.  I don't want to revisit that, my therapist said to look forward not backward.  So, my dudes, pop some happy pills and look towards this weekend.  Almost there pally.


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