Merry Christmas, Kansas City

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Well, that certainly sucked.

The Patriots cap off the regular season with a 27-24 loss to the Miami Dolphins in Foxboro.

The loss followed up by a KC victory shot the Chiefs up to the #2 seed and gave them a first round bye for the playoffs. 

There was absolutely no worse feeling than Gesicki securing that late go ahead touchdown and then seeing the Chiefs extend their lead by 10. 

Merry Christmas Kansas City, the Patriots just gifted you one of the best presents ever. Oh, let's not forget the refs helped picked this gift out too!

Ryan "Fitzmagic" came into Foxboro dick swinging and pretty much dominated the game from the get go. He made the best defense in the league look abysmal. And DeVante Parker made the best cornerback in the league look like a blind man. Gilmore was getting worked all game long.

Brady looked like complete shit. His throws were erratic and all over the place. And when they were within reach, his receivers dropped them over and over. Salt in the wound was that his pick six was thrown to Eric Rowe. If you remember Eric Rowe, it certainly wasn't for anything good. When he played on the Patriots, he was one of the worst players I have ever seen. For numerous years he was an atrocious corner, literally brought nothing to the table. Rowe was the one who played over Malcolm Butler when Belichick benched him in Super Bowl 52 and he got DESTROYED all game long. Easily one of my least favorite players of all time so seeing him take that pick to the house had me seething. 

This game had me frustrated throughout all four quarters. This team is an absolute shell of itself. The second half of the season for this team has seen the Patriots crawling to the finish line.

The worst of it today in my opinion was the time management, or lack thereof, on the last drive of the first half. 

The Patriots made Miami go three and out to force a punt with 1:50 left in the half.

The smart thing to do would be to call a timeout, which would leave the Pats with two, and still have almost two minutes to drive down and score.

Well, instead, Bill opted not to call a timeout and got the ball back with around 59 seconds left. Okay, still feasible to score with all three timeouts in good field position, right?

WRONG. The Pats then proceed to run two plays for no gain, don't use a single timeout, and let the clock run out to go into half.

I mean what the HELL are we doing?! An extra score right there would have been real helpful at the end of the game!

Just an absolute joke. The playcalling has been a joke and the team is playing like a joke.

I have the upmost faith in my team no matter the circumstances. We've overcome injuries, we've overcome suspensions, we've overcome road games. Anything you throw our way, we can take it. As long as Brady and Bill are manning my team, I'm not betting against them. 

But I would be lying if I said I wasn't a little nervous for this years playoffs with how the team has looked recently. 

I guess we shall wait and see. Depending on how the current 4 pm games end, the Patriots could see the likes of Pittsburgh, Tennessee, or Oakland next weekend. 


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