RIng Envy: What Dolphins fans said...

The Patriots played their last regular season game yesterday, against the Dolphins. It was a big game with a playoff bye on the line. The Patriots split their series with the Dolphins after losing yesterday 27-24. After losing, not only did the Dolphins seem to enjoy the Pats loss, all of America started pilling on. Originally I was mainly looking for Dolphins fans, but I decided to add in some from all fans. Lets see what the Dolphins fans said...

Are the Pats America's team? Seems pretty obvious to me.

I hate that I actually laughed at that one. Kenny Powers off the top rope.

No. Nobody retweet this.

I have to say I agree, I would love to have Fitzmagic until he's 60. Just not yesterday.

This guy sucks. And by the way, "cheatriots" was never clever.

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