X's and O's: Patriots vs Chiefs

Karl Rasmussen/ 12UP

The Patriots are coming off of a disappointing loss against the Texans, in a game where the Patriots didn't look very good. The Pats play the chiefs this week, and I don't think it'll be like their last few games. In their last few games, its been a shootout. I think this game will be a little closer.

The Chiefs play a man to man scheme with a 3-4 base. A 3-4 base means that there is going to be three defensive lineman and four linebackers. Man to man coverage is a simple as it sounds. The players will cover the man they are assigned to. If Michel can get the running game going I think that the Patriots will have a really good shot at winning. If the Chiefs have to focus on the run game at all then their man scheme becomes much harder. I look for Edelman to have a huge game.

The Pats will run Michel and White all day. They'll be huge tonight. Since its man to man coverage look for a lot of mismatches. The Pats can run trips formations, which means three receivers stacked on each other on one side of the field. Look for plays with picks or rub route concepts. Look for a lot of mesh route concepts, slants, passes up the seam. The play below will show how to attack a man to man defense.

The Pats are gonna have a tough game today. I think the final score of the game will be 24-21. Considering the Pats lost week I think that they will win this week. I don't think that they are going to lose two games in a row.