Dean Pees, off into the sunset

Mark Humphrey/Associated Press
The jokes write themselves so I'm taking a pass on this.  Too easy, and quite frankly, Dean Peas doesn't deserve my stupid jokes.  I respect the man.  He started coaching High School football in 1973, that's before I was born, and I'm pretty sure I'm the oldest on this staff.  As he puts it, one thing turned into another and boom, he was an NFL defensive coordinator.  Not just any, but one of the best.  His first year in the NFL, with the Patriots, he was a Super Bowl champion in 2004.  Not too shabby eh?  He went on to coach for the Ravens and Titans, most recently.

He was the defensive coordinator for the 16-0 season and the Patriots were in the top 10 scoring defenses in the NFL under him.  Pees plans to spend time with his wife and enjoy time with his 12 grandchildren.  Although he was never a head coach in the NFL, you always heard his name.  Seemingly a highly respected coach, Pees walks away with 2 Super Bowl rings, his last the Ravens.  Pees said all he wanted to do was coach High School, well my guy, you sure took the right turn at that fork in the road.  God speed fella.


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