Do these glasses make my ass look fat?
I don't know why nobody listened to me.  I've been saying this all season.  Lamar Jackson, MVP most likely, has been running the Ravens offense all year I can almost guarantee it.  I predicted in my Mona Lisa blog a couple weeks ago that John Harbaugh would find a way to "screw" this season up, and boy, did he deliver.  I don't want to take any credit away from the Tennessee Titans, cuz pally, they're rollin downhill right now and gaining speed.  So when the Bill Belichick prodigy, Mike Vrabel figured out how to stop Lamar Jackson, Jackson desperately needed coaching and it was gone like a fart in the wind.  Harbaugh had no plan B and it was like he was coaching his first Pop Warner game.  The guy is a fraud, he does nothing but complain.  He made TC's list when he bitched about losing to the Patriots and got rules changed because he was outsmarted.  You dumb bastard, what's up with the new glasses anyways?  Think it makes you look smart?  Well, at this point, nothing makes you look smart.  I wear glasses when I drive and I hate that I have to, but when you miss an exit way up in Maine and there ain't another one for 15 miles, no bueno.  Reminds me of a story from when I was bartending.  There was an older gentleman in the bar one day, shitfaced, but at first was charming.  He then started accosting the lady patrons and caught the eye of the manager, so the manager kicks him out.  Being the guy I am, I decided to walk him out, get him a ride home safe when we had the following exchange:

TC:  Okay buddy, let's get you home safe.
Ted:  This is bullshit
TC: I know man
Ted: I'm not gonna listen to some guy with a mustache telling me what to do
TC: Ted, you have a mustache

It was kinda sad watching a man's descent into madness, but also awesome.  I miss Ted, good guy, mustache guy.


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