Joejuan arrested with mariJoejuana among other drugs following traffic stop

Steven Ryan/Getty Images
Joejuan, my guy, what the hell is going on?  Williams was stopped for speeding in Tennessee going 90 MPH in a 70.  Now the other drugs found besides weed was Vicodin.  Typically not an issue with either, but when it's not your prescription, no bueno, possession of a controlled substance.  Can my dude recover?  No idea, but he didn't murder anyone, so he's got that going for him.  Williams was seeing more playing time towards the end of this season and into the playoffs.  I was excited for him too.  This does not have an impact on my thoughts on him as a player.  Hell, he was probably going somewhere to get lit up AF.  You just can't break the law, while breaking the law.  Slow down on the highway, especially if you have drugs on you.  You're still gonna get where you going, just a tad later.  Good luck Joejuan, let's hope this blows over, and happy it's not blow.


As a Celtics fan, I hated Kobe on the court, but he was a man with a family that I did not know personally.  I know every time things like this happen, people will remind you that life is precious, death has no waiting line.  We see someone of Kobe's stature pass away so prematurely, we question our own life and when our number may be up.  Life never sucks, only death.  If you can make your life better, do it.  If you can make someone else's better, do it.  Smile for once ya prick, and follow me on Twitter @tc1three #RIPKOBE, the pilot, parents and children