Patriot players react to the tragic deaths of Kobe and Gianna Bryant

Stephen R. Sylvanie/USA TODAY Sports

On Sunday, January 26th, it felt like the world stopped spinning. NBA Legend Kobe Bryant had passed away. A few hours later, it was reported that Kobe, his daughter, Gianna, and seven other people were killed in a tragic helicopter crash on their way to a basketball game for Gianna's team. To be honest it doesn't even seem like tragic is the appropriate word to use. As a Celtics fan all of my life, I was never really fond of "the basketball" player, who was Kobe. As a person though, I have always had great admiration for him. He worked the way that everybody strived to work.

Like I said the world stopped spinning. Everyone was talking about it on social media, it was on the news, and people were texting me about it. As I watched the continuous videos and posts about Kobe, it really sunk in. Watching those videos, I was choked up. Even writing this right now is feel like there is a lump in my throat. As a Celtics fan and someone who I constantly denied as a "top player" of all time, How could this possibly drive this much emotion in me and everybody else. Its really simple actually, the world had lost one of the most inspiring and influential people in my lifetime. The world had lost another incredible person. I watched this video on Jimmy Kimmel where he talks about his daughter carrying on his legacy, and it hit me that not only was he a great basketball player but incredible person, an incredible father, an incredible worker, and an incredible mind.

Below are some of the videos that I admired the most after rewatching them the other day.

A bunch of Patriots players took their social media platforms to express their condolences to Kobe, Gianna, and all of the others on the Helicopter, to their families.

Here are two more videos.

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