Patriots fall to Tennessee 20-13

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(NBC Sports)

Same old, same old. 

The same Patriots team we saw crawl to the finish line of the regular season showed up tonight in Foxboro and got worked by the Titans on all facets of the game.

It's simple, we got out coached, out played, and out worked. The more prepared team won. We got our shit stomped. 

And because of that, I want Josh McDaniel’s head on a spike. I'm done with him. Done. He has been absolute ass for the last 9 weeks. I don't care how good he's been for so long, longevity means dick to me, I want him gone just as I wanted Matt Patricia gone after letting up 40+ in the Super Bowl. Absolute joke.

Can someone please explain to me the logic behind running the same damn play three times in a row from the 1 yard line?! 

This game gave me an aneurysm. Don't even know where to begin.

All I gotta say is, we're still here, and we still will be here. Tom will be back as our quarterback next year and we will continue to be atop the AFC East. As for now, fuck Baltimore and fuck Kansas City, that's the only energy I have left to end the season.

Piss poor way to end the season. But we will be back.

We're onto the offseason now, catch me in a hibernation.

Another jack and coke please, bartender
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