Sad Face. Is this the last we see of this handsome bastard?

AP Foto/Charles Krupa
For the first time in his god like career, Tom Brady will be an unrestricted free 42.  In true Patriot fashion, there is not going to be a clear cut decision for quite awhile.  For all the joy Tom Brady has given us over the years, he deserves to go or do whatever he pleases.  Will I be disappointed if he doesn't finish his career with the Patriots?  You're damn straight son, but I'll still be a fan.  Hell, I'll go as far as buying a Brady jersey, no matter the team as the Patriots don't really have a rival.  There are exceptions of course, ie, Ravens, Steelers, Colts, Jets, Giants, not rivals, just cry baby dicks of franchise and fans.  Nobody deserves Brady, not even us, he really is a once in a lifetime talent that will never be replicated.  We were just the lucky, happy assholes who ended up with him and the combination of the greatest coach ever.  In the other professional sports, there is debate on who is the "GOAT".  Jordan, Russell, Robinson, Ruth, Gretzky, Orr.  In the NFL, there is no question, no debate, no shit, Tom Brady.

I know you're all wondering who TC will be rooting for the rest of the playoffs.  Silly question you silly goose, I'm rooting for good football, however, there are some fan bases that don't deserve a Super Bowl victory.  Ravens and Chiefs fans, you can all eat garbage ass.  I'd like to see Jimmy G hoist the title, you know, he's one of ours, although Richard Sherman is a dickhead, he got humbled when we beat the Seahawks.  Whatever you do Tommy boy, it's been a hell of a ride and an absolute pleasure to watch the best play at his best.  Think about how many kids around here are named Brady, crazy huh Sully?


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