Tedy Bruschi wants the Patriots to draft Thaddeus Moss


While he was only here for a few seasons, the name Randy Moss means a heck of a lot here in New England. The connection Moss and Brady had in the '07 season was not something that you see everyday, so when Randy's son Thaddeus gets mentioned, Patriot Nation takes notice.

Thaddeus Moss is coming into the 2020 draft as a tight end and caught 47 balls for 570 yards and 4 touchdowns with the 2019 LSU Tigers National Championship team. When being interviewed at the NFL Combine, Moss was naturally asked about his dads time with the Patriots and about the possibility to catch passes from Tom Brady (a man who could use a tight end).

“It would mean a lot,” Moss said. “Just to catch a touchdown pass period in the NFL would mean a lot. But to catch it from Tom Brady knowing that he threw a good amount of touchdown passes to my father, it would be a good story.”

I for one would certainly love to see Brady to Moss TDs again and I am not alone. Patriot great Tedy Bruschi was all in on Moss after his interview at the combine, going as far to ask his former coach to put Moss in a Patriot uniform.

It has since been reported that Moss is going to have surgery on a broken foot, but should be ready to go with plenty of time to get ready for his rookie season.

The Pats will likely be looking for a more complete tight end with better blocking abilities, which seems like a perfect fit for Moss, backed up by his quote here:

“All of the receivers always ask me in the offseason, ‘How many catches are you going to have? How many touchdowns are you going to have?’ I was like, ‘Look, man, I don’t care about catches. You can have as many as y’all want. I’m a tight end. I’m not a receiver. I’ll do the dirty work, and y’all go score touchdowns do y’alls little dance and stuff. I’ll go block.'”

I have no idea what the plans are this offseason in regards to free agency or the draft, but it would be very sweet to have the Brady to Moss tradition live on through a different generation.

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