Patriots QB rumors are spreading like
I'd rather have the Molson Canadianvirus, amirite?  Andy Dalton to the Patriots?  I don't think so chief.  If the Patriots are going to have a quarterback over 30, it's going to be the same handsome fella who's been doing it for 20 years.  I have a love/hate relationship with these rumors.  On one hand, the rest of the NFL wants Brady to be out of New England so bad, that they are willing to spread anything out their stupid mouths just because they want it to be true.  On the other paw, ya makin' Nana panic.  I don't like to see the elder folk sad or panicked, but you bastards sure are trying to make all the Nanas in New England sad.  NOT ON MY WATCH, not today asshole.  The majority of the Nanas just love to see that handsome Tommy in his tight pants every Sunday while they're preparing that awesome dinner for a bunch of fat people.

Sorry Andy Dalton, but this just ain't gonna happen.  If it magically does, then I'll be a tiny little man with pipe cleaner arms, and pally, get a gander at these monstrous guns, they ain't goin nowhere.  A legend of Tom Brady's stature deserves whatever he wants.  I would think he would want to finish his career here, with Belichick and all the cookin Nanas.  In a month we'll finally know and this blog will be irrelevant.


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