Patriots Agree to Terms with Cam Newton

In a year that has been devoid of sports and entertainment, some of the most exciting news broke out late this Sunday afternoon.

The PGA Traveler's Championship just wrapped up with Dustin Johnson taking home the purse, Sunday is winding down and another long boring work week is about to begin. But out of nowhere, we got a Schefty Bomb.

There has been speculation since Newton was released by the Panthers that New England could be his landing spot, but not many believed it. The Patriots made it clear that Stidham is the next guy up and they believe in him. Plus with the Patriots salary cap issue, and Newton believing he is still an elite level talent who should make QB1 money, it didn't seem likely.

But with 2 months gone by in the free agent market and no one taking a chance at Newton, he comes to New England on an incentive based 1 year deal.

I've never been a big fan of Newton if we're being honest. The whole not diving for the fumble in the Super Bowl kind of stuck with him the rest of his career. He really only had one good year if you check the stats. Sure that one good year was an MVP year, but he's not an elite quarterback. Lackluster stats combined with a whole year of not playing competitive football due to multiple injuries and surgeries doesn't bode well with me. Plus he's always wearing those stupid over the top outfits. Yeah, I'm not a fan of him.

Even though I'm not a big fan of him, I still love the move to bring him in in general. Stidham could definitely use a little fire under his ass and preseason competition. In the end, I'm totally still faithful that the job is Stidham's for next year and years to come. But it certainly doesn't hurt to have a solid backup plan in case anything happens. Let's be real, I don't think any Pats fan has faith in winning if Hoyer is leaned on to win us games.

So a typical quarantine Sunday ends with groundbreaking sports news. Gotta love it. Cam finds his home and Belichick is playing chess while the rest of the league is playing checkers.

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