Patriots rookie kicker gets tattoo removed. Is a lobotomy next?
I've been going back in forth in my head on how to write this blog.  I took notes, erased them, took new notes and threw them out.  So, I'm a bust it freestyle.  ***WARNING, SOAPBOX SPEECH TO FOLLOW***  I'm about to give you my opinion, not politics, so if you don't like it, tough shit because I have a blog and you don't.  I'm also 6' 275, deadlift 550 and bench 380 so, come at me bro.

Linking this here.  First off, I'm a tattoo guy.  Not a shamrock with a Red Sox B in the middle, I'm talkin full sleeve.  In fact, got my first one when I was 17 with my mommy's permission, she even took me.  My mom rules.  I call bullshit on Justin Rohrwasser and I'm going to layout why.  You can feel free to agree or disagree, I don't really care, but you can't sway me off my opinion and beliefs.  

*Argument 1: Who gets something permanently tattooed on their body and doesn't know what it means?
Ok, so assuming we aren't talking about a spring break blackout bonding experience with your bros, you decide to get a tattoo in you right frame of mind.  You think of something, see a picture of it or sketch it out.  Where did you get said picture or idea I wonder?  Particularly, a symbol of a group that was created in response to this country electing the first President of color.  A group that has ties to Nazi's.  A group that likes to play soldier, without actually ever being a soldier.  In the nineties, when I started getting tattooed, there was no internet.  You couldn't literally find any information within seconds at your fingertip.  Now, thanks to Al Gore, you can find any information, at any time with a phone in seconds.  There is no way that a human of average intelligence, in today's age of endless data, that you can't find out what a symbol stands for.  I'd buy it if it were 25 years ago, got a tattoo of Chinese writing that he picked off the wall only to find out it translated to: "I have a tiny dick".  Anyways, I win that one.

*Argument 2: He's from a military family, he thought he was supporting the military.
Sorry, this contradicts itself.  If you are from a military family, and by the way, most people have someone in their family that served, wouldn't you be aware of military symbols?  If you want to support the military, join the military.  That would be stolen valor.  You can't just tattoo a military symbol or logo on your body like you earned it.  Military symbols are reserved for those who served.  Wow, I'm kicking this topics ass.

*Argument 3:  Tattoo placement.
The tattoo in question is on the top side of his forearm.  Not the bicep, triceps, chest, back or leg, his fucking forearm, topside no less.  You don't get a tattoo on your forearm if you a) don't know what it is, b) don't want people to see it c) aren't making some sort of stance of what you believe in.  I'm covered in tattoos.  There isn't one I randomly put somewhere just because.  They all have a meaning and personal connection to me.  Well, excluding the squirrel on my thigh chasing nuts, but I digress.  You got knocked the fuck out!

It's time for the Patriots to move on from this dipshit.  He's a fucking kicker for christ sake.  I used to beat the shit out of skinheads for breakfast, and cousin, I'm ready for lunch.


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