Patriots Release Mohamed Sanu

Rap broke the news first just about an hour ago.

Slightly after the initial news broke, however, there were some complications.


I don't believe this effects much. I can't see a team putting a trade package together for Sanu when they know the Patriots already will get rid of him anyways. So I can see Sanu getting officially cut bright and early tomorrow.

I have VERY mixed feelings about this, however. 

On one hand, thank God Sanu is off this team. He was a bum, he was a scrub, and he was overhyped. He was only brought on this team because Brady gave Kraft a list of receivers he wanted and Brady had to be pleased.

Look how that worked out though. We don't win shit in 2019-20, Brady leaves, and Sanu exits the Patriots the Patriots with 26 catches for barely 200 yards and 1 touchdown in 8 games.

AND most importantly, we traded a SECOND rounder for that garbage production. I wrote the article months ago when news broke the Pats made a move for Sanu, and I knew that was way too much value. Hated the trade then, and hate it even more now.

On the other hand, I'm pretty sure the Pats cleared a hell of a lot more cap space... and a big move could be coming.

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