Julian Edelman's legendary career as a Patriot comes to an end

(Photo ESPN)

These are the kind of moments you absolutely dread as a sports fan, but as it happens to every player, father time wins in the end. As reported by NFL Networks Ian Rapoport, the New England Patriots have terminated Julian Edelman's contract.

Edelman, turning 35 this year, has been battling a knee injury that kept him out for almost all of last season and was also reported that would likely make him miss significant time for the coming season as well. While terminating his contract makes him a free agent, this news could likely be a sign pointing to his eventual retirement.

Spending all 11 years of his career here in New England, Jules has undoubtedly carved out a serious legacy as not only a Patriots legend, but an all time NFL one as well. Coming in as a no name quarterback from Kent State, Edelman committed himself to becoming a top tier wide receiver in the NFL.

On his way up through his career he not only became many Patriot fans favorite player (myself included) but he also ranked second in all time Patriot receptions, fourth in yards and ninth in touchdowns.

Edelman also became one of the most effective post-season weapons in NFL history, trailing only Jerry Rice in playoff receptions and yards.

I cannot physically say enough for how much Julian Edelman has meant to me, this team and the whole New England community, but he will deservedly go down as an all-time Patriot and NFL legend.

Thank you for everything Jules, you are the perfect example of how hard work and dedication can pay off for anyone in this world.

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