New England in 2021

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If you love placing bets, the news may have you thinking the New England Patriots dynasty is over. Fortunately or not, that’s completely false. The Pats are still going strong with the help of quarterback Cam Newton, cornerback Stephon Gilmore, and other significant players. With the squad’s current performance, it appears they’ll keep up excellence until 2021, at least.

Bill Belichick performs an excellent job by coordinating, instructing, and motivating the team to his maximum efforts. Many fans of the NFL may ask, “why did the Pats perform so poorly in 2020?” Last season was a setback for the Pats, but there’s a high possibility for a comeback in 2021. Let’s figure out why and how the new england patriots odds to make the playoffs are reasonable.

Mac Jones is the Future

Quarterback Mac Jones is the future of the Pats. Next year, Mac has high tendencies of giving the Pats the outcomes fans desire. However, if the team wants a win in 2021, Cam Newton should be the target quarterback. Without a doubt, Newton controls the Pats’ success more than any other player in the squad. If Newton gets his 2018 form, the team has an excellent winning shot in 2021.

The Pats have a plan for Newton, especially after a $13.6 million one-year contract with the 2015 MVP. Newton can maneuver around the pocket comfortably in the squad’s training camp and season games. The quarterback also threatens the opposition with the designed runs, RPO concepts, and other misdirection gameplays.

Cam’s stats always speak for him as a QB. In the 2020 season, he passed 2,657 yards, 137 carries for 592 rushing yards, and 12 rushing touchdowns. Newton also had records of eight touchdowns and total interceptions in the season.

Newton’s expertise doesn’t restrict Jone’s upcoming success in the team. The Pats’ coaching team continuously drills the QB, and he manages to deliver impressive outcomes. One of the significant challenges Mac Jones may face is team chemistry. Players are very familiar with Newton’s style of play, but Jones’ play will require adaptation.

Defensive Game On Point

According to valid predictions, it’s no news that the New England Patriots have a great defense. There’s a high chance of the team holding up their defensive capabilities through the season. The Pats typically run a Fairbanks-Bullough 3–4 defensive system.

The New England Patriots strategy is a “two-gap” system. It involves defensive linemen covering the gaps to both sides of the blocking offensive lineman. Some defenders responsible for holding up the tactics include Matt Judon, returnee Kyle Van Noy, and Christian Barmore.

The defensive lineman in the Pats is typically stouter because it helps other linebackers to make plays. Without a doubt, the Pats’ defense strategy is more conservative compared to trending techniques in the NFL. Another common name for their defensive strategy is the “Bend and do not break” defense strategy.

Some Defenders to Look Out for in 2021

Fans may want to keep a close eye out for the following defenders, among other significant ones this season:

  • ●  Chase Winovich – As a ridge/outside linebacker, Winovich brings a lot to the Pats’ table. He has a four-year deal worth around $3.83 million with the Pats. The Pats will have a better defense if Chase focuses more on consistency and good run plays into the middle.
  • ●  Carl Davis – This 6’5” defensive tackle player provides value to the team by delivering up- front strength. Carl can hold up inside against a double team. Hence, his style of play helps the squad’s edge rushers and defensive ends flow freely to the football.
  • ●  Jalen Mills – Defensive back Jalen is a highly versatile player. He recently evolved from an outside cornerback to a defensive back. Jalen has a high tendency of bringing flexibility in the Pats’ defensive backfield, which will significantly help the team.

Patriots Can Make the Playoffs
The Buffalo Bills have the highest possibility to win the AFC East. However, the New England odds to make the playoffs are still solid. The team couldn’t make the playoffs during the last season, making it the first time since 2008. Belichick plans to make things right in 2021 by keeping up an impressive performance through the team schedule.

What’s the Future for the Pats?

Fans hope that the team’s recent QB upgrade, possibly including the previous player Jimmy Grappolo, Dak Prescott, and Carson Wentz, may be helpful. If the Pats maintain their defensive strategy before this season, they are certainly close to making the playoffs.

Bill Belichick has a lot of work to put in this season. The team needs Cam Newton, at least to successfully make the playoffs. QB Mac Jones is also a significant player for the team. However, Bill should only consider him next year for the best outcomes. The New England Patriots will make the playoffs, especially if Bill capitalizes on their defensive strategy.