Well, there you have it. Wes Welker leaves Tom Brady for Peyton Manning. The Schefter bomb. My heart just sunk.

Earlier today it was reported that the Patriots low-balled Welker yesterday in their first offer of the off-season. Next, Bill Simmons said that Welker had to choose between Patriots and Broncos. Seems like the Broncos might be able to give Welker the money he wants, but we'll see. It would hurt 10x more if he pulled a Ray Allen and just left money on the table.

The Welker saga has been endless and at times downright unbelievable. We have heard that Welker wanted to stick it to the Patriots after being benched in the beginning of the year and not receiving a fair offer from them. In his mind anyway.

Welker has had over 100 catches in five of his last six seasons. The Patriots reportedly (at leas last off-season) didn't think the over 30 year old receiver would be able to keep up that production over a multiple year contract. Time will tell if they were right, the Patriots usually aren't when it comes to receivers. Except on Randy Moss.


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