Who the hell knows what to believe anymore?

We heard that the Patriots and Welker were close on a deal just last week. We've also heard way more about how he had "mild disdain" or "wanted to stick it to the Patriots".

The latest report seems to confirm that. After Ian Rapoport reported that the Patriots apparently were going to make their first ever offer of the off-season yesterday, it seems that it was not what the Welker camp was looking for. This also aligns with a report from Karen Guregian saying that the Patriots and Welker talks were far apart.

Boston Herald:

Wes Welker is off the reservation and the whisper is he finally realized yesterday the Patriots don’t really want him back after their first offer came in laughably low

This comes after Robert Kraft said many times that the team wanted Welker in New England and they wanted him to retire as a Patriot.

These rumors have been such a see-saw that I don't know what to believe anymore, but I do know what's actually happened. That is, Welker was allowed to hit free agency. If the Patriots really wanted him, you would think they wouldn't let that happen. Also the repeated reports that Welker is pissed off might have to believed at this point.

It's seeming more and more likely that the Patriots will be letting Wes Welker walk. I'm still holding out hope though. They may want to let him test the market because they also want to know what the price will be. They could match what another team offers, or Wes might find that he isn't going to get as much as he wants or expected. There's still time for a deal to get done between Wes and the Patriots.

Michael Saver 3/13/2013 11:21:00 AM Edit

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