Arrington: 'Crowd kept us in it'

For the longest time, the knock on Gillette Stadium crowds was that they weren't loud enough. Tom Brady has said it, other players have said it, and if you watch the games on television, you could have heard it for yourself.

All of that seemed to come to a screeching halt on Saturday against the Ravens, and one Kyle Arrington took notice.

Per Mike Reiss of

“I can think of two huge plays specifically, Devin [McCourty] made his interception and Duron [Harmon] made his as well at the end of the game, and the crowd throughout the stadium was rocking. We were looking at film today and the camera was shaking – you could barely see anything after the moment itself when it happened,” he said early Sunday afternoon.

“The crowd really kept us in it. You couldn’t have asked for a better atmosphere.”

Watching it on television myself, that was one of the things I noticed as well. I wouldn't say the fans in the stadium were on the level of fans in, say, Seattle, but that was one of the better Patriots crowds I've heard in quite some time.

Arrington went on to say that as the team was watching film from that game yesterday afternoon, there would be points where the noise was so loud that the cameras began to shake, specifically on the McCourty interception. There's no reason to believe the football world won't see and hear an absurdly loud crowd this week.

They're not going to see Peyton Manning against Brady, but they are going to see the best young quarterback football has to offer in Andrew Luck. The 12 Bowl, if you will.

More importantly, they are going to see their team have a chance to return to the scene of one of the biggest crimes in Patriots history - Glendale, Az.

Bring the noise, Patriots fans. Act like you want blood.

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