So, apparently the Patriots haven't even made an offer to Welker yet

We've heard an awful lot of back and forth on this. Mainly it's been that Welker was mad that the Patriots "disrespected" him early in the season when they reduced his role. We also heard that he wanted to test free-agency. For the Patriots part, Robert Kraft's made it clear that he is all about Welker retiring as a Patriot.

Of course, the whole time we've thought that some offers were going back and forth and the two just couldn't come up with a deal. A lot of that was due to a couple reports saying that the two sides were "closing in on a deal". Now Ian Rapoport of (formerly the Boston Herald Patriots beat reporter) is saying that the Patriots have yet to even make an offer...

This whole thing has just been a huge headache. When the Patriots make what is apparently their first offer, it better be good enough to lock Welker up. Right now they've got less than four hours before any team can come in and make some offers. Teams like the Colts, Broncos, Eagles, etc. are all sure to want his services.

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